An ecommerce store that provides premade stream designs at an affordable price for customers who cannot afford custom work.

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I got the idea for TheStreamJungle after seeing how many people we had to turn away at StreamShark due to budget constraints. However, this is expected because the Twitch demographic is typically a little younger and therefore has less money to spend. To make the most of this, I decided that I should open a digital store that has stream designs that are instantly downloadable and at a cheaper price. The only downside is that they would be pre-made and available to everyone. So it is not unique to the user.

In addition to this website, I put all of the items up for sale on an Etsy page too. That Etsy page currently has over 2,700 sales.

The website was built on Wordpress and uses WooCommerce as its payment platform.

I use TheStreamJungle to compliment StreamShark. Any traffic the website gets can be redirected for custom work enquiries.

Overall, this business is great for generating a fairly passive income. The products are automatically downloaded due to their digital nature.


Updating the library with products that are related to things going viral has been key. For example, certain cryptocurrency coin designs, popular video games, and trending memes have all done well.

The items are priced so that they are affordable to all, even young teenagers. 41% of Twitch users are aged 16–24, according to a study. However, if you count the number of underage accounts who sign up for the platform using false information, the percentage is most likely higher.


I intend to keep adding to the library of products.

By doing so, the business can provide more options for customers to choose from. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers are more likely to find exactly what they are looking for on the website. In addition, having a larger library of products can also help a website rank for more keywords on Google. This can lead to an increase in organic traffic to the website, which can be beneficial for the business in terms of both sales and brand visibility.

I also want to start a real email marketing campaign focused on seasonal holidays. It's becoming common for Twitch streamers to dress up their channels over Halloween, Easter, and Christmas in particular.

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