How I would design Huobi

Huobi is a world-leading cryptocurrency trading exchange. They operate in over 100 countries and have millions of users. However, their mobile app has a lot of UI and UX problems. Here is how I would design the app homepage.

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Current version

This is how the Huobi app looks when a new user opens it. It's cluttered, hard to digest, and there is no obvious CTA. In order to arrive at a great final design, I need to find solutions for all of the problems I can see. This goes beyond making something look pretty and aesthetically pleasing. There needs to be intention. The current app has no clear intention.


  1. There is no obvious call-to-action. What does Huobi want the user to do? Sign up? Click the banner advert? Use the search bar? I'm not sure.

  2. Too much information is being displayed at once. This relates to the previous point but also makes the app look dated.

  3. There is no consistency. One button is rounded and the other isn't. The illustration styles are also mixed. I can see three different illustration styles on one page.

  4. The brand is not visible. Would you know this is the Huobi app at a glance?

  5. The welcome bonus is mentioned twice and the second one has the appearance of a pop-up which feels a bit 2008.

  6. It's not beginner-friendly. Crypto can be quite intimidating for new users. Simplifying the UI and making it feel a little more similar to regular banking apps should increase conversions.

New Version

It's likely the first difference you notice is that there is far less clutter on the screen. However, the most important change is that it's now clear what the user should do. Log in or sign up.


  1. The call-to-action is now obvious. The button placement is intentional, so they are easily reached by the users thumb.

  2. I removed a lot of the unnecessary information and elements. More negative space is used, giving the design a more modern feel.

  3. Instead of 3 different illustration styles being used, I have used just one. A 3D style feels more applicable to the crypto and web3 worlds.

  4. The brand is front and centre. Once a user is logged in, then this becomes less of a priority to display.

  5. The welcome bonus is only mentioned once, and the placement is intentional. Next to the sign-up button.

  6. I removed some jargon and unfathomably big numbers, which can scare people off. How many people downloading the Huobi app know what 100 billion DMC is?

Before and after

Here is a side-by-side view to emphasise the differences.




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